This Guy (Roman Signer)

Pictures from the schweizisk artist Roman Signers experiments and movies. Genius guy. What you should really do is watch the movie "Signers Koffer" by Peter Liechti from 1995.

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Carpet Cream

Next time you get bored or need to burn some time - What you do is shut that corny sound off from the first video and instead you make sure to press play at the second video directly after you start playing the first. If you do this right you end up with a fairly good sync. Voila, Cream carpet dance!

This guy (Hans Bellmer)

I stumbled upon this guy while searching for twisted sculptures and shapes. It’s surely interesting to read his story. Wikipedia provides.
"Bellmer was born in the city of Kattowitz, then part of the German Empire (now Katowice, Poland). Up until 1926, he’d been working as a draftsman for his own advertising company. He initiated his doll project to oppose the fascism of the Nazi Party by declaring that he would make no work that would support the new German state. Represented by mutated forms and unconventional poses, his dolls were directed specifically at the cult of the perfect body then prominent in Germany…"

Mutated + Tomato = Mutato