This group (Gelitin)

A bunch of pictures from a bunch of wild artists that come together in the group called Gelitin. Performance, events, sculptures and crazy humor. Have a closer look on their projects and works:

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This project (Paulina Nilsson)

Rör, Paulina Nilsson.
Video 0:54, 2013.

I´m proud to show you guys this video made by my good friend Paulina. She study textile and design at HDK Steneby, Sweden. This project was made during the course "Body and Volume" which she recently finished. Paulina created the costume and choriographed a dance to study the sound of the pipes in combination with and as a cause of the bodies movement. 

It´s a bummer that the quality got reduced because I had to upload it with youtube. Anyhow I hope you like it. Enjoy!


This blog (Thingsorganizedneatly)

A blog where you can pass time getting inspired buy weird shapes, small parts from electronic devices, nature and a bunch of other things.

Have a look:
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This Guy (Tomás Saraceno)

This guy! It´s crazy what kind of projects he can pull off! I find it inspiring when artists end up creating a whole universe of their own, based on the ideas sprouting in their heads. I´m amazed.

An interview with Tomás Saraceno on the occasion of his solo exhibition at Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum fur Gegenwart in Berlin, 2011:

More Tomás Saraceno:
Tomás Saracenos homepagehttp://www.designboom.com/tag/tomas-saraceno/

More interviews:

Tuesday tune!


This fruit (Mutated lemon)

Another mutated fruit to my collection. My boyfriend picked this one for me from his grandfathers garden since he knew about my fascination for weird shapes and mutated veggies/fruits. It´s organically grown and that makes the plant more sensitive to change and so they mutate. Am I weird if I say I still have it two years later?

Pictures: My own.

This Sculptor (David Hicks)

In David Hicks on words;

"At the center of my process is sensuality. The interaction of touch and material formalizing into shape and object. There is a conversation between influence and material being carried out in the studio. I see and react to the visual stimulus of the organic world and the curiosities of the human condition to collect and consume. As a maker I wish to collect items and experiences from my interactions with form and color. As an artist I attempt to create connections and grouping that combine my labor and visual understanding of color, form and balance. Ultimately I play with material, attempting to recreate my surrounding through a language of material and hand. It is through this language I try to position the viewer to see my perspective towards the objects that surround me and influence my processes."

For more David Hicks, the source of the text and pictures;